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Best sites on the web Hi, I'm a just a little monster alien who's haunting this guys house and use his laptop every once in while to surf the web and check out the chicks

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Zombies : has lots of funny photos and crazy zombies.

Rate Pictures : of hotties and cuties an this website

Alienware Coupon : Get discount codes for the awesome Dell Alienware store

Personals Directory : Find the best dating sites online here.

Fact Monster : Free reference site for students, teachers, and parents. Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects, including sports, ...

STU Reviews : Has reviews on the best fleshlights

Webpage Templates : has awesome website templates to use on your site.

Military Dating : helps singles meet in the navy, marines, army, and air force.

Business Directory : Find local businesses easily on this website

Online Personals : Directory for great dating sites and matchameking sites

Angry Alien : Has the 30-Second Bunnies theatre library.

Alien-Ufos : Discuss: aliens, alien abduction, alien invasion, alien sightings, alien pictures, ufos, ufo sightings, ufo news, ufo videos, crop circles, paranormal, cryptozoology.

A monster is any fictional or REAL creature, many times found in legends or horror fiction. Many time monsters in movies are mean and like to eat people. I don't like to eat people though. I like pizza instead. And hamburgers.

are Extraterrestrial life, so life that does not originate from Earth. Kinda like show Family Guy with the Alien Roger. I'm better looking than Roger though, but he's funnier. Way funnier.